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Credit Card Debt Relief Services
  •  Lower Fees and Interest Rates

  •  One Monthly Payment

  •  Save Money Monthly

  • 4-36 Month Credit Card Debt  Relief Programs

  • Personal Debt Negotiator


We can consolidate credit cards into a debt relief program and settle all your debts for less than you owe. We have the ability to consolidate all your credit cards debts into one affordable monthly payment. This will enable you to save money and get out of debt sooner.

More Benefits Of Our Credit Card Debt Relief Services:

  •  Stop Collection Calls

  •  Get Signed Settlement Letters In Writing

  •  Consolidate Multiple Credit Cards & Other Debts

Credit Card Debt Help

Credit Card Debt Relief


3837 Hollywood Blvd Suite A Hollywood, FL 33021


P: 888-737-1845

F: 954-998-1326


Monday - Friday 

8:30 am to 5:30 pm



9:00 am to 12:00 pm


Evenings by Appointment

  • One Monthly Payment

  • Save Money Monthly

  • Get Out Of Debt In A Shorter Period of Time

  • Make Ontime Payments To Creditors

  • Lower Interest Rates On Credit Cards

  • Typically you can receive lower interest rates from 3-9% in credit card consolidation programs.

If you are making on time payments on all your credit scores and have a high credit score 650 or above. You should enroll in credit card consolidation instead of credit card settlement programs.


Below we talk about How Credit Card Consolidation Services Work.

Credit Card Consolidation
Credit Card

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Credit card debt can be overwhelming and very costly. If you cant budget and get your self out of debt. The Debt Relief Help Group Can Assist You. Below are indications and signs you need debt relief help.

  • If all your credit cards are maxed out and you cant pay the balance in full

  • You have made a late payment on credit cards, stop paying on credit cards or are only making the minimum monthly payments on your credit cards.

  • If you are paying over 11% on credit cards and your balances are not going down as quickly as you would like.

  • Paying On 3 Credit Cards or More

  • Have been paying for years but your balances are going up or stay in the same place.

If any of these scenarios sound like your current financial situation you should sign up today.  Get The Credit Card Debt Relief Assistance you need to save money and finally get out of debt.  

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